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Keeping your “butt” in its place.

cigaretteThe University of Hawaii of Manoa wants to put a ban of smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes on campus, but it’s an idea which has resulted in much opposition.

But if students and others want to keep the right to smoke on campus, they have to do the right thing first. I have  noticed that Honolulu Community College campus shows evidence of cigarette butts laying in an entrance area of the lbrary, elevators and in front of  and elevator and in front of the portables 71-A on the Ewa side of the building.   It’s like the whole campus is an  ashtray. These are the kinds of behavior that find students in a situation where they need to enforce rules or laws to banned cigarette and e-cigarette smoking on campuses.

Let’s work on keeping HCC and all UH campuses “butt free” so students may continue to keep their smoking privileges. Why would students allow others to dictate their life and choice of habit? Smoking may not be a good thing from a health perspective, but it’s up to the  individual to choose. So everyone who smokes need to keep their “butt” in its place.

How the students can help:

Find a receptacle  to discard your cigarette butt, follow the law and remove yourself from the non-smokers.

L Manalo

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