Phi Theta Kappa members inducted

Congratulations to all the new Phi Theta Kappa inductees last month at Honolulu Community College.

It was an exciting event as the inductees were dressed in aloha wear or semi-formal attire to receive their place in the honor society. Each inductee gave an impromptu speech introducing themselves and sharing their educational and career goals as well as a little background of their families to all those present.

Then they each signed the roster notebook and received a white rose and an unlit candle that was later lit with the the candles from the officers.

Then every inductee recited the Phi Theta Kappa Pledge then blew out their candles to signify the end of the ceremony.

The keynote speaker at the ceremony was Shanah Trevanna, who heads the Sustainable Hawaii effort at UH-Manoa.

“Hawaii has a big influence on the rest of the world,” she told the group, so they need in to be the leaders in the world and take advantage of our opportunity to change the world in making a difference.

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