Students in class…

Jonah Carino
Ka La Staff

Journalism 205 Students settle into a writing routine with their instructor, Professor Mike Leidermann.   Today’s focus was newspaper reporting and ethics.  Students hone their writing skills and contribute to Ka La, HCC’s student publication.  “Seek the truth and report it!”20140129_154403


  1. Professor Mike is the best! He will make students to take out the best they have and the inner journalist they have!

  2. For new students, you need to know that Prof. Mike really IS the best. He was an outstanding reporter and columnist for lots of years at the Advertiser. Kind of famous guy in Islands. Knows the issues and the people all over the place, too.

    I had good chance to study with him once and then to work with him in the newsroom.

    You will learn a lot. Try out his advice and put in the time. He can help you.

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