Library now allows some eating

By Mathew Ursua
Ka La editor

The college’s library has changed its policy on consumables, making it allowable for patrons to have covered or capped beverages and small snacks at study corals.

A sign greets people entering the library that reads, “Dry Snacks and Covered Beverages are Permitted in the Library.” But food and drink items are still restricted at computer workstations.

The library maintained that it wouldn’t reverse its original policy restricting food and drinks, but all that changed over summer. Librarians said that’s when they started letting people eat and drink on premise.

<>During this time, the library was located in a portable building on the gravel parking lot behind Building 2 while construction crews renovated the lobby and second floor of Bldg. 7, the library’s permanent location.

Mesina said that the decision was made after the successful experiment in the portables, and after consulting with librarians from other UH campuses like Kapiolani Community College and Windward Community College.

Mesina said she and other librarians have already noticed many students bringing snacks and drinks this semester.

Jesse Pagtulingan, a Honolulu Community College freshman studying liberal arts, said he hadn’t used the library yet, but that he planned to visit in the coming weeks.

He thinks the library’s new policy on consumables would encourage him to study there more often.

“That’s a good thing,” he said.

Pagtulingan said he looked forward to bringing juice, green tea, and potato chips to the library.

Librarians told Ka La in X-Month-X 2012 that they weren’t planning to back down from the no consumables policy, citing damages to books caused by spills. That month, librarians assembled a “tower of shame” display featuring damaged books, which was showcased in the lobby.

“I’d like to think I’m open to change,” Mesina said, “but I was adamant in the past.”

Mesina stressed that the library only allows dry food.

“We don’t want people eating plate lunches,” she said.

Mesina said librarians have been turning away people with opened soda cans because they are not considered covered beverages.

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