Phi Theta Kappa gets new officers

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society at Honolulu Community College has elected new officers  for the 2013-14.

They were presented with leadership bracelets last weeks with the words, “I Choose To Lead” and their photos will soon be posted on the Phi Theta Kappa bulletin board in Bldg 7, 6th floor.

President:                   Jamie Rodrigues (Human Services)
VP Leadership:         Kaila Wang (Liberal Arts-Pre Med)
VP Service:                Oni Jarrett Kahookele (Electrical Installation & Maintenance)

VP Scholarship:        Raina Mailou (Liberal Arts) & Lehua Rowland (Early Childhood Education)

Regional Rep.:         Jhomar Sarmiento (Liberal Arts-Journalism)
VP Fundraising:       Ramic Santiago (Liberal Arts)
Chapter Senator:     Christina Laseter (Human Services)
Communications:     Betram Booker (Liberal Arts-Engineering)

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