Senate OKs funds for honor society

The student Senate on Monday approved funds to help one student organization but told another one to return in two weeks with a scaled-down proposal.

Members of the ASUH-HCC voted 11-0, with four abstentions, to approve $763 in student funds to help Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society, send at least one student to a national convention later this spring.  The group had originally requested $1,145.50.

A member of the group said it would try other fund-raising initiatives to make up the difference.

Student leaders, however, turned down a request for $2,000 in student funds to be used to help the Communication Arts students put on their annual portfolio event.   Student senators questioned the amount of the request and told the Communication Arts group to return with a lower proposal in time for the next meeting in two weeks.

Senators indicated they were concerned with giving large amounts to groups on campus  when the proposals did not benefit the student body as a whole.

Members of the HCC student Senate debate funding proposals at a meeting on Monday.


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