Longtime Librarian says farewell

By Ieva Bytautaite
Ka La editor

Having the necessary books available is almost as crucial to passing a class as tests, homework assignments and attendance combined. Students in all colleges and universities spend tremendous amounts of money purchasing books or trying to track them down in public libraries.

For the past 13 years, Theresa Kaitner was the middleman between the students and the HonCC and other libraries on the island, helping students request essential books from other campuses.

Kaitner, who retired at the end of last semester, had been working for the UH system for over 30 years. “It’s my dream job,” the Castle High School graduate said. “I used to volunteer back in high school, and I always wanted to be a librarian.”

Keeping track of all the requests and having them ready to send to other schools is not an easy job. “It’s a lot of work,” Kaitner said, pointing to a thick, beat-up, 5-inch binder full of endless sheets of book requests.

But Kaitner did not mind the hard work. “I like to help people and that was my job here. Students are very important to me. and I tried to help them as much as I could,” Kaitner said. “I try to remember their names and what books they like.”

Although her time at the HonCC library has come to an end, Kaitner has big plans for the future. An avid reader and dog lover, Kaitner is planning on traveling around the country to visit family and even visit Italy to try and find her grandparents.

“I’m sad to leave. I loved my job and the people. The people here are very nice,” Kaitner said.

Kaitner is excited about the future of the HonCC library and will surely come back to visit and check out the new library once the construction is complete.

And with the last book request completed, the thick binder tightly closed, Kaitner said farewell to HonCC.

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