Finally, the library is open

By Mathew Ursua
Ka La editor

Almost three weeks into the semester, the library has finally opened in its temporary location, but it’s still missing many of its most popular features, including books..

The library, forced to relocate to temporary buildings in the gravel parking lot because of a renovation project in Building 7,  had been scheduled to be ready for limited operations when school began this semester.  But bad weather and other construction problems pushed back the opening.

Librarian Irene Mesina said January 18 that the temporary library was completely furnished and   that the computers were networked and ready for students to use, but the opening still had to be delayed another week.

Brian Furtuto, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, said the rainy weather that greeted students at the start of the semester was the reason why  construction wheel  chair ramp  and concrete sideline were not ready in time for th e start  of school.

By mid-January, the wheelchair ramp was constructed, but concrete could not be poured in time to finish a sidewalk leading to the ramp.

“The access ramp was completed on Sunday… portions of the sidewalk were not completed,” Furtuo said in an email to  Ka La.   “oheel chairs could use the ramp to get to the door, but would have had major difficulty getting to the ramp portion itself from the street.”

Furuto said the amount of rain was “well above average.”

“Concrete and other construction work cannot be completed during times of severe weather,” Furuto said. ‘“The contractors on the job have done what they could given the inclement weather, but in the end Mother Nature will always dictate construction activity.”

The temporary library is housed in one of the modular buildings sitting on what used to be parking spaces in the gravel lot behind buildings 2 and 7.

Most of the books went into storage and won’t be coming back until the library returns to its main location in the lobby of building 7. In the meantime, the circulation desk can arrange for books to be transferred from other UH system libraries.

The library is expected to move back to building 7 after the end of the semester when construction on the first 2 floors is scheduled to finish.

Librarian Irene Mesina said that computer usage will be limited to the college’s students because there are fewer computers in the temporary library.

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